Navigating these pages

There are many limitations with WordPress, especially as the plan I’m on is quite restrictive. I’d love any feedback on how easy or otherwise you find moving around these pages. And of course any other suggestions.

I hope the menu items are clear enough. To elaborate  (and I’ve made these clickable as well):
Home:  is …well…the Home page. A welcome of sorts.
About Me & the blog: Self-explanatory, I hope. Stuff about me, my life and the nuts & bolts of this blog.
The Painstream Journal: A timeline of where I am with TN, in chronological order.
The Thinking Cap: My thoughts and musings about developing TN and about my life
The Art of TN: TN does not have a copyright on pain. Pain is the grim accompanist to many diseases and conditions, and has driven many to try and capture their experience of pain in artworks. These posts will touch upon that area, but I am cognisant of copyright, so some of it may just be links to pain-inspired art on the Internet
Say hello.. : A contact form. Yes, these things attract all sorts of unwanted intrusion from spam to trolls. I doubt this site will ever get significant enough to attract such attention, but time will tell – and I may need to change the setup. I’ll try and make sure nobody sells you Viagara or crypto-currencies here.

To make navigation less tedious when you revisit or browse around, I am trying to set up posts – especially longer ones – as “Excerpts”. You can always expand them by clicking on the title of the post.
Or you will see a  (..continue reading..) link at the end of the extract, which expands it.

I expect to have a lot of links to other blogs, medical information or indeed anything that I feel warrants inclusion here. Links will open in a separate windows or tab (depending on how your browser is set up). It will avoid your having to navigate back to the page you were on.




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