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This is too important a part of my blog to be relegated to a list of URLs on the side panel.  Here are links to blogs chronicling the experiences of others with TN, to TN-related medical sites and to support organisations that do invaluable work to raise awareness and support for those struggling with TN.
(Note: Under construction, so bear with me if it starts of sparse and looking truncated..)


Nothing…but NOTHING…has given me more strength and comfort in this weird space I’ve entered, than reading and communicating with the brave and inspirational authors of the blogs listed here. This will expand as I make contact with more of them. I am trying to stay with the courtesy of asking before I list them here. However, this obscure chronic illness needs to be spoken about and made known to the world, and uniformly all these lovely people urge visitors to share their experiences and information.

How can you not be moved by a blog that has posts like the one below?  It not only chronicles the TN battles of a lovely young person making a go of a job, a relationship , and a social life  – but also Kirsten has some amazingly clear and simple advice on many aspects of living with TN.
Inspirational AND informational… very cool!

“From Trigeminal Neuralgia, With Love: What I Have Gained From Living With Chronic Pain For Three Years
                                                                February 21, 2018   thepaincorner
As controversial as this may be, as I’m half way through my third year with Trigeminal Neuralgia, I often find myself thinking about how having chronic pain has made my life so much better.

It’s really easy to be diagnosed with something life changing and immediately focus on the bad. TN has taken a lot away from me. I’m in pain all the time; I’m frustrated, I’m sore, I’m fed up. Sometimes my face hurts so much that I can’t sleep, eat, or speak. I can’t even think about eating icecream, that would trigger a world of pain. I have to drink room temperature water where possible. I can’t sit near an open window. I have to rely on medication just to get through a day. I feel so high on painkillers and strong medication that I can’t concentrate. My vision is always blurry. …..”

“Trigeminal Neuralgia is such a cruel condition. It needs more awareness and we believe that together, with your help, we can achieve that. Please help by sharing our blog, and following and sharing posts from our Facebook page. Every little helps. If one more person understands about TN, then you have made a difference.”




Support groups, medical sites with information relating to TN, and other sites that will help those trying to navigate their way through Painworld.

The Australian TN Support organisation. “Support and encouragement for sufferers of Trigeminal Neuralgia and related facial pain. Support for their families, friends and carers”

… “the world’s largest organization providing education, support and advocacy for all those with neuropathic facial pain.”…

“Trigeminal Neuralgia is a disorder of the 5th cranial nerve, which affects the face, eyes, nose, lips, teeth, gums, tongue, and scalp. Due to its painful symptoms and the general lack of knowledge about TN, it has become the focal point of Facial Pain Association. Our goal is to spread the word and find a cure.”