Say hello..

Here’s the thing:
My TN is currently giving me pain strikes that I know are nothing compared to what many out there have been experiencing for years. This is a progressive condition, it is about pain which grows at whim, and in its ferocious intensity seeps into all the minutes and seconds of a person’s life. I am still only ankle deep in the Sea of Pain, and I can see in other blogs and Facebook posts that there are those who are now struggling to stay afloat, their lives consumed.

And understanding the power of communicating with someone who knows your pain, the strength given by that communication… I figure that if I can be here for someone sailing this wild sea – or if we can establish a mutual support-line – it may help lighten your load. If you feel so inclined, please do get in touch.

But there’s nothing specific about this page. If you have a question, or if you are looking for information that I can help you track down, or if you just want to say hi…. please do.