What it’s like…

A couple of YouTube videos.
And I don’t know which one is the more scary.

  • #1:

MSNBC made this video piece on Amanda Young, a TN sufferer, seven years into her developing the condition. This is bravery and endurance beyond the pale, because if you are a fitness instructor with TN, here’s a (weak) analogy: Think of the last really severe headache you had. Then visualise yourself at a heavy metal gig, walking up and nestling your head against the lead guitarists speaker. OK, that’ starting to get in the zone of the life this brave young lady is living ..


  • #2:

.. and this is about as pure a vision of the pain as you will see. Judy Morrison and her husband recorded a night-time attack that Judy experienced. This was not to make a horror video.
It’s because there is so little awareness of the condition – and when you see a person in – between attacks when they are smiling, laughing and being “normal” ( but a bit subdued), you have no idea of the horror that dogs the footsteps of their life. If you watch the video even halfway through, you will get a sense of its characteristic waves of pain.